Visitor's Booklet

From a company town to one of the largest centres in Quebec’s North Shore region, Baie-Comeau has come a long way in 75 years. To celebrate the present and the past, Baie-Comeau’s anglophone community has come together in the “In Search of Yesterday” intergenerational cultural project. The initiative spearheaded by the North Shore Community Association involves English-speaking students, teachers, seniors, community members and volunteers, who pooled their curiosity and their energy to record and showcase their history and culture.

“In Search of Yesterday” is made possible through funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage Cultural Development Fund. The North Shore Community Association also wishes to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of Baie-Comeau High School faculty, staff and students, the Baie-Comeau Community Learning Centre, the Church of St. Andrew and St. George, and the Société historique de la Côte-Nord. So many individuals had a hand in this project; our sincere apologies to any we may have inadvertently omitted.

Project Team

■  Jody Lessard, Executive Director, NSCA
■  Philippe Petit, project research
■  Diane Bélanger, teacher, BCHS
■  Mary Cormier, teacher, BCHS
■  Stephen Kohner, teacher, BCHS
■  Martha Lodge, design & illustration
■  Katia Grubisic, editing & translation


Community Members

■  Allan Beaulieu
■  Mary Ellen Beaulieu
■  Shirley (Lewis) Bélanger
■  Walter Bisson           
■  Gladys Claes
■  Lloyd Duhaime
■  Emma Duncan-Kerr
■  Donald Goodfellow
■  Raymonde Goodfellow
■  Jean Ellen Guy
■  James Gray
■  Lorraine (Cameron) Gray
■  Robert Hall
■  John Kerr
■  Denise Laroque
■  Leila Levesque
■  Janette Martin
■  Anita Metcalfe

■  Dave McCrae
■  Noëlle McGee
■  Eric Mikkelborg
■  Guy Richard
■  Barbara (Brown) Rioux
■  Maurice Roberge
■  Claudia Rowsell
■  Jeannine Scott


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